04 January 2011

At Loose Ends

In the Bahamas, visiting mom for Christmas. December 21, 2010: After a busy day of "home improvement" shopping in Marsh Harbour, we end up at the Jib Room, on the other side of the "harbour." I love the Jib Room. It's that atmosphere of "there is nothing to do, anywhere on the planet, except BE HERE." So we're sitting at a picnic table in the sun, drinking a Kalik (Ean) and the house specialty, Bilge Burner (Jane), and Ean comes up with this gem: "If you don't do anything interesting, you aren't." I know that's what he said, because I actually wrote it down. Many things are profound when you're drinking a Bilge Burner in the sun -

Jib Room: looking out from picnic bench

- especially if you've already been drinking some other house's specialty (the Mango Millennium, I think it was, on that day). Yet this thought, in particular, is to stick. We want to be interesting, dammit. We want to DO interesting.

After a couple of drinks (with our second drinks in hand, actually) we took a walk around the docks, looking at boats. Boating is interesting. But then we returned to our current reality and drove back to Treasure Cay. The loose ends are left swirling in dream-land, unconnected and unnamed.

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