27 June 2011

Learning to Sail: Part I

Just got home from another sailing lesson, courtesy of the Hoofers.  Knotty Rascal this time - a 27-foot monohull, and the only boat in the Hoofer fleet with a WHEEL instead of a tiller.  We love, love, love Knotty Rascal.  We've decided, though, that we should stop going out on Knotty until we have the tiller-thing down cold, since our ASA 101 test-out will be on a tiller boat (J-24).  The other big (-ish) cruising keelboat in the Hoofer fleet is Spray, which is a tiller-steered 30-footer.  Spray and Knotty have in common the all-important self-furling jib.  Won't leave home without one, we're quite sure.

We've had some fun on Knotty and Spray, but honestly, the best boat for us to practice on is the J-24: our nemesis.

11 June 2011

So Long, Old Friend(s)

Yesterday was one of those days that reminds us that part of welcoming in the new is bidding farewell to the old.  We have been a two-car, or more accurately, one car, one truck family for almost as long as we've been married.  I had wanted a truck for a very long time which reminded Jane of a story from when she was a child.  It was about a little boy who asks his mom for all sorts of things and to each request the mom answers, "Maybe someday, Billy."  "Someday" finally came and my truck was dubbed "Billy."

We had many adventures together, Billy and me and he carted everything we bought to remodel our house with, countless trips to Home Depot.  But Billy started to get old, as everything does and seemed to need a new part every day: windshield, muffler, brakes, and on the morning I was going to drive him to the mechanic to get everything fixed, the starter went out.  It was a little sooner than we'd planned, but clearly it was time to say put him up for sale.  So, one notice on craigslist and 48 hours later Billy drove off with his new owner.  I feel like I ought to miss him, but in truth, everything I subtract from my life only makes me feel less weighed down, more able to move on to the next phase of our lives.  Still, I'm sure that some sunny day this summer when I'm bringing home 6 8ft. 2x4s and 2 4x8 sheets of drywall on my bike, I'll wish I still had my old friend.  I hope he likes his new life as much as I know I'll like mine.  Fair winds, Billy.

(The other old friend is my hair.)