04 January 2011

Hatching a Plan

     Christmas day.  Sunshine and less wind.  We took a long golf-cart ride with my mom driving, touring along Ocean Drive and out to the end of Brigantine Bay.  A very pleasant day.  We had spaghetti for Christmas dinner (mom didn't want to go to the awesome Spinnaker buffet), and I somehow managed to fatally over-salt the sauce.  It's a mystery, but I will blame it on my mom - she stresses me out.  Had to add another pound of ground beef and an extra can of low-sodium tomatoes to make it edible.  We laughed a lot.
     At some time on this fateful day, one of us asked the other: Are we really going to do this?  
And the reply was: Yes, I think we are.  And then we both decided: Yes.  We are going to buy a boat and cruise around the world.  And we will name the boat More Joy Everywhere, of course.  And because of a modest inheritance from dad, for which we feel fortunate and undeserving, we can start planning and learning now, aiming towards a departure in summer of 2013 (when Ean finishes his M.Div. and I will be done with my sixteen-year Ph.D. program).  Un bee LEEV abl.