05 January 2011

A Few Things on My "To-Do" List

Now that that whole profound life-changing decision part is out of the way, it's time to get organized. The more we learn about the sailing life, the more we have to...learn, that is. Here's a few of the things on my list (in no particular order since everything needs to get done almost simultaneously):

1. Get over my extreme fear of water and learn to swim.
2. Find out something about sails, like what they're called and what they do.
3. Figure out how to fix stuff, such as engines and pumps and whatnot.

Then there is another optional list of items in case I get through the first one.

1. Practice tying different kinds of knots.
2. Learn a few sea shanties.
3. Learn to sew (on the off chance that duct tape doesn't work on sails).
4. Cultivate an appreciation for rum.

Sure, it doesn't look like that long of a list, but between learning to swim and memorizing songs, getting ready to relax is going to keep me jumpin.'