22 January 2011

Bobby the Broker

Last Wednesday we filled out an online form with Bay Yacht Agency about what kind of catamaran we wanted - purposes, budget, desired equipment, etc.  We did it together, and it was a good chance for us to talk through our priorities and our vision of what this boat will be like.  Things are firming up pretty fast.  Good for us.  The next day, of course, I got a call from Bobby the Broker.  Bobby calls me Janie and Hon, and I somehow forgive him.  Just as we will accept the mores of the locals wherever we cruise, I will acknowledge that anyone who calls himself Bobby is apt to call me Hon.

Funny, I didn't even connect the name to my dad until Ean mentioned it.  Dad was not a "Bobby" kind of a guy, but a "B.D." kind of a guy (or Bob).

Anyway.  Bobby the Broker was quick to establish his expertise and experience.  I didn't warm up to him until we started talking about Abaco and the stoplight that brought civilization and order to Marsh Harbour.  (And consequently ruined everything.)

We were already feeling drawn to Fountaine Pajot - Bobby the Broker, being with a company that is an authorized dealer of FP, is okay with that!  We were thinking 2002-2008, but (in one 45-minute phone call) he has just about convinced us that we can get an older Fountaine Pajot that will be as safe and seaworthy.  Now he's got us dreaming about a 1990-something Antigua 37 for less than $150K.  Here is a picture of her.   Also, though, if we're going to be comfortable with a boat of the '90s, then that opens up some other good FP options - and we can afford to go a bit bigger, if we want.  Looking at a couple of Venezias online.....

So the Antigua that he wants us to see is down in BVI and when I told him we could take a trip down there in mid-March, he said he would set up some other boats for us to see as well.  Wow.  Once we overcame the initial inertia (bodies at rest...), we are now gaining momentum, and the inertia is working in favor of the new life (bodies in motion....).  Alas, we must be aware of friction and gravity as constant challenges to our launch.

In the meantime, instead of doing the work that is directly in front of me, I am messing around on the internet, looking at boats and reading about cruising.