04 January 2011

Catching Up On the Timeline

     Ean will write next.  Until then, I will quickly list some tick-marks on our timeline, so that Ean may be inspired.

  • used or new?  catamaran maybe?  starter boat?  Conducting internet searches.
  • found Strictly Sail Chicago online and decided to attend.
  • travel home from the Bahamas.
  • trying to decide whether to join Milwaukee Yacht Club or South Shore Yacht Club.  (NOT SERIOUSLY.)
  • I bet our boat will be 35-37 foot.  Ean thinks 38-39.  We think the catamaran is the only way to go.
  • blogs, blogs, blogs of cruisers - a bit overwhelming
  • created our blog
  • signed up for the Mahina one-day sailing seminar at Strictly Sail Chicago
  • after dipping into Hal Roth's How to Sail Around the World and Gregor Tarjan's Catamarans, I am convinced that bigger is better - I give up on the idea of having a 35-37 footer for blue ocean sailing. 43 + or -.
  • ordered boat shoes - the classic Sperry Topsiders, of course.
  • signed Ean up for swim lessons.
  • BIG: It occurs to us that if we aim for a starter boat we could get it THIS SUMMER, dock it in TC and sail in summer and on vacations.
  • Told Linnea of our plans (we're not telling anyone else yet).  She approves - thinks it sounds sensible.  Her long-term tenant Russell is dead at 62 - cancer.  Live for now.  Don't put off the fun.