05 March 2011

Our Very First Cat Sighting

There we were, just making our way down Lincoln Memorial Drive en route to the art museum when Jane (who wasn't driving) exclaimed, "Is that what I think--it IS, it's a catamaran!"

"No way!  Here? You want me to double back so we can look at it, don't you?"



One illegal U-turn later and we were standing in front of a snowbank a few feet from where "Fat Cat's" pylons were holding her aloft.  She looked even sadder for trying to look cheery in the drear of winter.

40ft. as we surmised and later confirmed on her website.  Not a cruising cat, obviously, with her narrow hulls with no windows and partial bridgedeck.  But there she was.  And for sale..not that we're in the market for a performance cat.  We thought about contacting the owner just so we could take a look at her, but it IS really cold still and "Annapolis" is only a week away.  We decided to wait until she's back in the water.  (Although the thought of being sardined in with 33 other people-she supposedly holds up to 35---isn't at all appealing; we're wondering if 40ft. will be big enough for just us two).

Someday, we'll look back on this and think ourselves adorably naive.  I can't wait.