23 February 2011

Listing--Not What You Think

We are prepping for this life change in every way we can think of.  One of things we're doing to think of more ways to think of more things is by making lists--lots of lists.  Not just garden variety lists, but advanced lists as well.  A weighted lists of features we want in a boat; a rated list of songs for sailors; a list (really a spreadsheet) of priority and optional equipment (a la the Mahina seminar), that, where present, will affect our boat offering price; a list of things we still need to do to get the house ready to sell; another spreadsheet with scenarios that will affect how much we can spend on a boat; lists of provisions that keep well and store compactly.  Later there will be list of monthly expenses (I'm already keeping track of how much we've spent since day one).  And just yesterday, I found a list of things to do to prepare to sail.

Undoubtedly, one element of this preoccupation with listmaking is to keep us focused on the goal since it still seems so far off.  But we're thinking this is probably pretty smart, too.  At some point, things are going to start happening much faster and we may be hanging onto our lists for dear life.