11 February 2011


The beginning of BLOG. Before 2011, I never followed blogs.  I ran into to them once in a while, of course, on my favorite news sites, but I wasn't a blog subscriber.  Now I get updates on a dozen cruiser's blogs through Google Reader.  (See some of the blogs I read here.)  2011, of course, is also the year that we started THIS blog.

We both like the first choice best, for our boat font.
When I was trolling blogs early in January, I came across a post (can't remember which blog) about choosing a word for the year, instead of making New Year's resolutions. This blogger noted that she had seen several OTHER bloggers go this route.  A word immediately lodged in my little brain, and I keep turning it over.  Joy.  I need for JOY to be MY word.  Honestly, though, choosing JOY as my official focus word for the year seems like an awfully big COMMITMENT.  But perhaps I am taking JOY too seriously?!