14 March 2011

Drinking at a Provocative Hour

Very exciting.  On our way to Annapolis.  Now we're in the air between Boston and BWI.  At Boston-Logan, lucky us, there was a Legal Seafood.  A little early for lunch, but we had been up and on our way since 5 a.m., so we figured we were due.  We camped out in front until the nice lady pulled open the restaurant gate at exactly 11 a.m.  We chatted with Gate Lady while we waited to be seated, and then ordered a half-bottle of sauvig. blanc, along with some clam chowder and shrimp cocktail.  Yum yum and yum.  When Gate Lady walked by our table, she smiled and said, "Looks like you're having fun!" It took us a moment to realize that she was commenting on our Drinking at a Provocative Hour (DPH).  Just like at Green Turtle Club, we had NO IDEA that we were DPH.  As Ean noted though: without yesterday's Daylight Saving "spring ahead" and today's jump from Central to Eastern, we would be sipping our wine at 9 a.m.  My goodness.  Time is a social construction, and in OUR reality, it was definitely Wine Time.