28 March 2011

Getting Unstuffed

We have had boxes in our living room and dining room ever since summer.  We hauled them down from the attic when we were turning our second floor into a gorgeous master bedroom suite. Most of it was "teacher stuff" or more generally "school stuff."  I kept thinking I'd need it again.  Also a lot of left over technology - old monitors, printers, laptops, mice (?), keyboards, and so on.  Today, Ean took two TRUCKLOADS of stuff to Goodwill.  Good for us!  And although we're happy to have our living/dining rooms box-free, we have already managed to start the next Goodwill "pile."  Also, Ean has six boxes of books tucked away in his office, ready to go to Half-Price Books... Tons of education books.  I even managed to part with all my Dick Francis.  A bit painful - but we want an unstuffed life.