30 September 2012

Another First in Our First Year

Pretending to steer - captain ducked out of sight - during our charter in Annapolis

Our first year of cruising has been full of "firsts."  Our most recent "first" sparked some reminiscing - along the lines of, "You've come a long way baby."

Here are some important firsts that happened BEFORE we started cruising.
First time we saw a catamaran - on the hard, in the snow, in Milwaukee. (Feb 2011) 
First time we sailed on a catamaran - a two-day charter in Annapolis. (May 2011) 
First sailing lessons - through the Hoofers of UW-Madison. (Jun 2011) 
First circumnavigation - of Door County, WI. (Jul 2011)
First days of boat ownership - we flew to Annapolis to visit "our" boat for a few days. (Sep 2011)

Then there were those first days, living aboard JOY (Oct 2011).  Day One of our cruising life, the day we moved aboard with all our cats and all our stuff, was October 18.  Since then:
First passage - motored 10 miles! (Oct 2011) 
First cat overboard and first major refit - Isabel, at Hartge Yacht Yard, Galesville, MD. (Nov 2011) 
First time at anchor and first batch of JOY Juice - successful anchoring, celebrated with our secret recipe. (Nov 2011) 
First time underway after sunset - not on purpose, and NOT a good thing. (Nov 2011) 
First day on the ICW and first time aground - not a coincidence, that both of these are in the same post. (Nov 2011) 
First time we hoisted a sail (without help) - finally using the wind instead of the engines to move the boat - and first time we saw dolphins. (Nov 2011) 
First offshore passage and first clearing in to a foreign country - escaped from the ICW at Beaufort, SC, and arrived in Treasure Cay, Abacos, three days later. (Dec 2011) 
First fish caught - during our first fishing lesson. (Feb 2011)
And now we have a new "first" to add to the list.  I feel like we've finally been initiated into a very exclusive club.  I am very proud to say: we have attended our first Cruisers' Potluck.  Apparently, cruisers have potluck get-togethers all the time.  But not us.  Until now.

Thanks to Caroline, we have photographic evidence of our coolness:

Brits, Italians, Americans, Dutch, Germans, Swiss - recipe for a great potluck
A riveting discussion about international politics or joker valves - who knows?

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