04 September 2012

Cast Off!

It's been a long cuatro semanas, but Jane is back to being her old left-handed self. We could have gone back to La ClĂ­nica Prada, the urgent care facility, but really, what have they got that we haven't got?  So for all you do-it-yourself types, here's how to remove a cast in a few easy steps.

Tools of the trade

First, collect all the necessary tools and supplies:

  1. A towel to sop up drips
  2. White vinegar
  3. A hacksaw
  4. Kitchen shears
  5. A bucket of water

Step 1. Make cross-hatched slices in cast to better absorb water in step 2.

Step 2. Soak in bucket of vinegar-water for at least half an hour. (We used about a half-cup of vinegar.   We don't know why, but we saw it on the internet so it must be true.)

Step 3. Make vertical slices until you just touch skin.

Step 4. With the kitchen shears, cut through the slices.

Step 5. Begin pulling the cast apart. Continue down the length of the slice alternating cutting and pulling.

Step 6. Slip arm out of cast when possible.

Step 7. Wash hand for first time in a month. Ahhh.


  1. OMG I'm glad you didn't use an electric device though! Good Job LC

  2. Nice work!!! :) Looks good.

  3. I forgot to ask how long it took to get the cast off... I was just showing my mom the pictures and we were giggling and your triumph! :)