18 October 2012

It's Been An "Interesting" Year

We had decided we wanted to do something interesting with our lives.  We were at a crossroads: not fully embedded in our current realities, not completely committed to our goals for the future....  And Ean said, "If you don't do anything interesting, you aren't."  We decided that buying a boat and cruising around the world would be... interesting.  And one year ago today, we moved aboard s/v More Joy Everywhere.

"May you live in interesting times": it is said to be both a blessing and a curse.  Indeed we have found it to be so, during this, our first year as cruisers.

On the one hand: "Poof! We're Interesting"!  We have a lot of great stories to tell.  We're off on a grand adventure, living an unlikely life.  Some people, it seems, find us funny and thought-provoking.  Others, apparently, think we're nuts.  Either way: interesting!  Mission accomplished.  According to this blog post from Forbes, How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps), we have got it going on.

On the other hand:  We've become more interested, in the world around us.  We have always had curious minds - we are "lifelong learners," if you can stand that hackneyed phrase.  But since we started our travels, we find ourselves awed by the people we've met, the places we've visited, the animals, the politics, the food, the history....  I hope our sense of wonder comes through, in some of our blog posts, and in some of the pictures and links that we put up on our facebook page.

On the other other hand.  A few days ago, we, along with two other cruiser couples, took a collectivo to a nearby beach town, Rodadero.  Ean and I toured the small aquarium while the others took a walk along the shoreline.  When we met our friends for drinks a bit later, they described the beach as "interesting."  By which they meant: "holy crap."  As in, what a mess, too crowded, people actually swim in that water? and why would anyone think this is fun?  Actually, I have yet to meet a non-Colombian who "gets" the Colombian beach scene.  But this is not the point I'm trying to make.  Suffice it to say - hey! - it was interesting!

There was a green moray eel at the aquarium in Rodadero - interesting!
During our first year of cruising, JOY has visited four countries: the US, the Bahamas, Haiti, and Colombia.  She has traveled about 3000 nautical miles.  Along the way, we've encountered all manner of interesting.  We've had our share of "holy crap."  We've shared some of the wonder.  We've cursed and laughed and cried about our interesting lives.

And now: what's next?  Our second year of cruising will - maybe - take us across the Pacific.  Or, alternatively, we might end up hanging in the Western Caribbean.  Whatever we do, we know this: It's bound to be interesting.


  1. We're hoping to follow in your footsteps...we hope we'll be sailing around with our cats for second year to come, too! For now, just trying to get through year 1!


  2. Congratulations on your first year! We too, are on our first year with Felicity; albeit our 7th year of living aboard. And each year we get more awesome experiences under our belt to share with others around a bonfire or "can of wine"!! So fun! GR told me when we first met if we could make it together doing this we could make it together through anything!! It's sooo true! Again - Congrats!!