17 April 2012

Space Dreams

Jane smiling up through the hole
where our fridge, freezer and wine cooler used to be.
Once upon a time we had something resembling refrigeration.  It didn't work particularly well (read: beer chilled down to about 62 degrees).   Half of it opened from the top--the other half from the front--so if you wanted to see what you were reaching for from the part that opened from the front, you had to open the part that opened from the top so you could let daylight in, or else use a flashlight.  The freezer opened from the top as well, so between the two there was really no counter space.  At least unless you were the type of cook who could think of everything you needed ahead of time, which we aren't.

Eventually, the compressor seized altogether.  Then we had two dark, damp spaces that frightened the foods we put in it.  So we took them out of the dark, damp place and put them in a nice, bright, albeit cozy cooler.  And there they stayed nice and cold so long as we got them fresh ice everyday.

But we were sad. )c;

Then we came to Marathon, FL where we contracted SALT Services to do some (read: a whole effing lot) of work for us, including a brand new refrigeration system.  They got right to work and bought lots of parts and took lots of parts out of our boat.  Today was a big day.  Today, they took out the dark, damp places and all the moldy boards that held them in place.  Now we have a big, empty space that lots of bright sunshine comes through.  Someday, compressors will arrive and they will get installed in the big empty place where the bright sunshine comes through and a shiny new two-drawer style refrigerator will get attached to one of them and a freezer to the other one and then Ean will get to have cold beer whenever he wants one without having to reach into the dark, damp space and he will be happy.

But Jane is not happy.  Because Jane discovered that there will be a few extra inches of space between the shiny new two-drawer style refrigerator and the bulkhead (wall) behind it, and Jane knows there is always SOMETHING that can be put in a few extra inches of space.  So now Jane is thinking.  She is thinking hard about what can fit in a few extra inches of space behind a refrigerator because Jane hates it when space, any size or shape of space goes to waste.

Then Ean will be sad.  Because Jane will make Ean construct whatever brilliant use of a few extra inches of space behind a shiny new two-drawer style refrigerator she will have thought up.  Ean will complain, but he will do it because Jane will be right, of course.  There will be lots of room to store the extra pieces of wood from building the brilliant use of space.  But Ean will remind himself that he can drink as much cold beer as he wants and then he will be happy, too.

The End


  1. Great post you guys... As it so happens we are starting to struggle somewhat with our cooling systems... On board our 40ft FP Lavezzi we have a freezer..(located underneath the bench at the miniscule navigation table)...(not handy when you have guests around and all the time need to get people moving because you want more ice...), and also a fridge (front door/loading... not very clever of the FP designers at the time...) but it doesnt cool very well, leaving the box full of condensed water (.. molds love that by the way..)... Anyway, it is abt time to start doing an upgrade, but this will have to wait as in Brazil all these kind of upgrades cost a lot of $$$ so this will wait untill Trinidad (end of this year..).. In the mean time.. all the best and fair winds... (and enough cold beer)..
    Pieter and Cristina
    SV Onda Boa
    Blog: www.sailingoceanofdreams.blogspot.com

    1. The unit we're installing is a Vitrifrigo. As mentioned, it's a two-drawer style. An awesome idea for probably more reasons than we know. What we do know is that 1. cold air travels sideways but not up so more of it stays in the drawers and 2. You can see the tops (at least) of all your food and 3. You don't need to have 6.5 foot arms to reach all the way in the back. It runs on DC and takes less power than our big, fat new solar panels generate. As a fellow cat owner, you also have the "real estate" to install big, fat solar panels. Our poor monohull brethren are lucky if they can find space for one little panel. Poor them.

      Hey, I have a favor to ask. We have website (www.morejoyeverywhere.com) and I'm collecting "more joy everywhere" in all the languages I can. I am doing this only with native speakers as translation software doesn't really get it. If you have a chance, I would greatly appreciate a translation of "more joy everywhere" in Dutch and Portuguese. Happy to see you're keeping a blog. We'll add you to our list.

      Fair winds,