20 April 2012

In Memoriam

I've been feeling a bit nostalgic, lately, for who I used to be.  Not like I want to go back and be that person again, mind you.  I don't miss her, exactly.  But, you know, I liked the old Jane.  I feel that some kind of memorial service is called for.  Here's a picture of Principal Jane.

Principal Jane, God bless her, was intent on Making A Contribution.    She was a serious gal, on a serious mission to Reform Urban Education.  What would you do if you were queen for a day?  Principal Jane would Improve Student Achievement and ensure that her fifth graders went on to decent middle schools, knowing how to read and write and think for themselves.  Principal Jane worked her ASS off to that end.  She got up early, worked late, and collapsed in front of the TV, totally drained, at the end of each day.

She was the opposite of light-hearted.  The weight of the world was on Principal Jane's shoulders, and she didn't know how to play.  She was passionate and impatient, bright and sharp.  Good ole' Principal Jane.

In a slightly different vein.  As I look at the picture, I recall fondly that Principal Jane was the kind of gal who:

   Bathed daily.
   Combed her blow-dried hair at least one or two times a day.
   Wouldn't be caught dead (much less alive) wearing barrettes.
   Paid $200 every eight weeks to get her hair cut and colored.  (Check out those highlights!)
   Put on make-up before she left the house - at least mascara and a little eyeliner and some lipstick.
   Wore different clothes every single day - mostly suits, with stockings and high heels.

Yep, them was the days, my friend.  Sailor Jane looks back and thinks, "Can I Make a Contribution, too?" and "Can play and JOY be part of the equation?"  And most importantly, "Should I take a shower today?"

Rest In Peace, Principal Jane.


  1. Assistant Principal Lori has gone on to a better place as well... We could have done fabulous things, but we would have been burned out in no time... Our lives are better for having had the experience, but leaving MPS is the best thing that ever happened to me... Miss you!

  2. Nice. Social Worker Mary is next. Www.svseachange.com

    1. Bless your heart, Social Worker Mary - you fought the good fight.