19 May 2011

Haste Ye Back!

Royal Poinciana in front of the TC bank
On the road departing Treasure Cay, there's a sign that says, "Haste Ye Back!". Never have I taken the sentiment more to heart. I feel like we're getting so close, now, to this new life of ours. Actually, our countdown stubbornly sticks at WAY-more-than-200-days.  (257, to be precise.)

Yesterday, Mom and I went to Marsh Harbour to finish up her lawyering - which she finds distasteful, and so will only get it done if the daughters smooth her way. As she reminds us, all this paperwork doesn't matter a damn to HER. But Linnea and I will benefit from getting mom's "affairs" in order now. And certainly I don't mind taking a few quick trips to The Abacos for shepherding duties. We ate lunch at Wally's and then my mom signed her Bahamian will and a "just in case" power of attorney. Then we headed for Curly Tails and took a walk along the docks there to look at two catamarans that are being sold by the Moorings - both Leopards, built in South Africa. The 43' had four cabins and four heads - perfect for charters, not so much for us. The other was a 40' - 2008 and looking brand new. It was an owners' version, laid out very much like the Lagoon 380. Both heads had separate showers - a nice touch for our guests. (On the Lagoon, only the owners have the separate shower - guests aren't so lucky.) Regardless of the manufacturer, owners' version cats are more expensive than charter versions - by as much as 20K or more, apparently, and there are fewer available so they usually sell for a premium price. Just in case we can't find an owners' version when we're ready to buy, we've been discussing possible uses for extra heads - one for us, one for guests, one we could modify to use as a shower room, and a fourth would be the dedicated "cat head" - doesn't sound like a bad idea, actually. Where else will we stash a litter box?

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