16 May 2011

The Future is Here, and It Waits

I am in the Bahamas for a few days, helping my mom out with some lawyering and other chores.  I am reminded that HERE is a good place to be.  While Ean is back in MKE, where gray is a primary color and temperatures are in the 50s, it is sunny and 80-something here, sky blue and sea teal.  I have taken some pictures of our future (temporary) home: also affectionately referred to as "mom's backyard." 
The middle piling must go.

Looking down on "our" dock from the house.

When we buy our boat, we've decided, we will bring it here and park it for a while, taking some time to get acquainted with "The Life" and learning which way is up (the mast, we hear).  It is a quiet canal and a fifty-foot dock that we can bang into as many times as it takes, with a relatively small audience, we hope.  Lots of fun trips to use as "qualifying rounds" - Guana, Green Turtle, Hope Town, Marsh Harbour, and, of course, Pete's Pub.

Hope Town - a previous visit
Missed my man today when we lunched at Abaco Beach Resort - a place where Ean and I had visited on a previous trip.  Great grouper, a beautiful setting, and a quick walk down the dock after lunch to peer at a Lagoon 420.  I think my mom is becoming resigned to the program.  Hard for her to argue too strenuously against a life choice that continues to count among her own all-time top experiences.  She still talks about The Boat Trip ALL THE TIME.  "Remember when we rented a car and drove around Cyprus and saw the pillar where St. John was flogged?"  I think it was Paul, Mom.  So we looked it up in Dad's book.  Yep, I win one round: Paul it was.  Not sure how she got to Cyprus, but no matter.

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