24 August 2012

Cows: One Year Later

Last August, we were in Milwaukee, and one of the must-do items on our "bye-bye list" was to pet a cow. I don't know: did we think we'd never see a cow again? I can't explain it. We were just a couple of weeks away from boat ownership at that point, so maybe we were delirious. Anyway, here's the post, from exactly a year ago today, that tells the story of our cow-petting. They were calves, actually. more JOY everywhere!: Nobody Likes a Crybaby. (The calves weren't the crybabies.  You have to watch the mercifully brief, poor quality video, to see what I'm talking about.)

Not quite a year later, we found ourselves in Haiti, on Ile a Vache, the Island of Cows.

This time, the calf was indeed the crybaby.  The bawling caught our attention, as we walked over the hill, returning to Calle Coq from The Place With Wifi.   I crashed off into the bush to investigate. Our tour guide Edisson was rolling his eyes, or cringing, or something.  I was undeterred.  We knew that Haitians are sensitive about picture taking, but surely it would be acceptable to snap a couple of pictures of COWS, for pete's sake?

Here's the calf, with an older sib, maybe?

And here's mom.

What a difference a year makes. The Green Meadows Petting Farm seems pretty far off.

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