13 May 2012

Pretty as a Pixel

Some pictures are worth more words than others.  Up to now, sad to say, every shot we've taken has been either on a smartphone or on an entry level point-and-shoot camera.  If some have looked amazingly good, it's likely that they got cosmetic assistance a la Photoshop.  

Since beginning this adventure, I've gotten to experience the torture, albeit only mild to moderate, of losing both pictures and fish (and yes, even pictures of fish).  My fortune as a fisherman will likely only improve with experience, but technology has ameliorated my photo woes in a, er, snap.

After extensive research, we chose a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ47.  Consumer Reports categorizes it as a "point-and-shoot super zoom."  We decided this was the best choice for the money we were willing to spend.

Here's the dif:  (All shots composed on cameras' "auto" setting.)

Bougainvillea shot with htc smartphone
Bougainvillea shot with Lumix
Marina shot with htc smartphone

Marina shot with Lumix

 'Nuf said?

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