01 March 2012

And the winner is...

Apparently, it was Oscar night earlier this week (I think it was this week).  A movie that we haven't seen--and I'm told no one's heard--won best picture.  Of the other nominees, the only one we have seen or even heard about was "Moneyball" and we have no idea who was nominated for any of the other categories.  Not counting the golf cart drive in in Treasure Cay, there are no movie theaters on Abaco.  I do miss going to the movies.  Then again, I'd miss going to the movies if we were still in Milwaukee because other than emergency grocery shopping, we wouldn't leave the house until spring. (And, no, I don't care how supposedly bizarrely warm this winter has been--we're chilly even here sometimes.)

We have, however, been keeping ourselves amused with a "best of" competition of our own devising, namely house speciality rum punch drinks.  Concocted from a secret recipe of the same five or six ingredients, rum punch drinks are the signature libation of all establishments that cater to visitors.  The best ones completely camouflage the taste of rum with tropical fruit flavors so that drinking several dozen at a time seems perfectly reasonable, the more so the more one has had.  This visit, the nominees were:

Hard at work sampling one of the nominees.

Bilge Burner, The Jib Room, Marsh Harbour
Tipsy Turtle, Green Turtle Yacht Club, Green Turtle Cay
Tail Curler, Curly Tails Restaurant and Bar, Marsh Harbour
Guana Grabber (blended and frozen), Great Guana Cay
Tranquil Turtle, Bluff House, Green Turtle Cay
Mango Millenium, Mangoes, Marsh Harbour
Blaster, Pete's Pub, Little Harbour
Nipper, Nipper's, Great Guana Cay

Choosing a "Best House Speciality Rum Punch drink is serious business to us.  So to compensate for individual bartender rum punch drink blending acumen, we visited each of the nominees on several occasions, on weekends and weekdays, during the day and in the evening (if we remember correctly).

After extensive research, sampling, and consideration, we are please to announce our winner.

Ahead of the pack by more than a tail are Tail Curlers.  They win not only for best taste but for best color as well, making them the best overall rum punch drink experience.

Today we toast the winner--again and again and again.  Cheers!

Here's to an intoxicating experience.

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