20 January 2012

Prodigal Percy Part 2

our welcome, matted cat

Our boy did indeed have to be shaved while sedated, but only partially under sedation.  "Dreadlocks," the vet (who was merciful enough to come in on a Sunday) said the minute he saw Percy.  But more than just dreadlocks; sand spurs and at least one tick.  (I told our son many times that white folks can't dread, but children never listen.) Miraculously, no fleas and no worms as far as we know.  Aside from being very underweight (which Percy has been ever-so-diligently working to remedy), quick to chill and sunburn, he's in pretty good shape.  He's as feisty as ever and, yes, already trying to get off the boat for his next adventure.

It looks like a rat wearing a Percy mask
...Fat chance, bub.

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